1. Can I register on race day? If space is available, you can register on race day. The same day registration fee is $350.00 CASH.

2. Can I register online but mail in a check rather than pay by credit card? No. Registration online is STRICTLY by credit card.

3. Where will my duffel bag with towel and warm-up clothes be while I am swimming the race? Personal belongings will be taken care of while you swim the race. Race volunteers will take your bag off the ferry and place it in a designated baggage area. All bags will be in order by number for pick up after the race.

4. How do I select the swim division which is correct for me? Can you explain each of the three categories? Elite Division swimmers are HIGHLY competitive swimmers who consider themselves capable of finishing among the top finishers of the race. Elite swimmers compete for the cash awards. The Elite Division does NOT allow wetsuits or bodysuits. All NON-ELITE swimmers are placed in either of these two divisions: Age Group Division swimmers are non-elite and are grouped by age and compete for an age group division prize rather than a cash award. A majority of the swimmers are in the Age Group Division. Wetsuit Division swimmers are simply non-elite swimmers who choose to wear a wetsuit. These swimmers are eligible for wetsuit division prizes.

5. I am a good swimmer but have never done an open water swim. How do I decide whether or not a wetsuit is necessary? It is a good idea to test your endurance for the colder water by staying in the bay water for at least a 45 minute swim and better than 50 minutes for a 2000 yard pool swim. This is only a general guideline. Please consult with your coach or doctor for specialized advice. Aquatic Park in San Francisco and Paradise Cove in Corte Madera are excellent areas for a test swim.

6. Can I change my division on race day? Sorry, no changes will be allowed on race day.

7. I am under 13 but wish to participate in the RCP Tiburon Mile. What do I need to do to be approved to swim? For those that are under 13 or for those parents that have children under 13 wishing to participate, we do have some safety precautions just to ensure that all of our swimmers will have no problems during the course of the race. Please answer the following questions and fax them to the attention of Robert Placak at 415-507-1456 (Fax) or email the Race Director using our Contact Page.  Be sure to include contact information for yourselves so we can get back to you!

1. Swimmers Name

2. Contact Phone Number and Email

3. Team Name

4. Years competed and best events

5. Coach’s name and contact information – Should we like to speak with him/her.

6. We strongly advise including a note from the swimmer’s coach ensuring they are strong swimmers.

7. Open Water Experience
a. Please list any open water experience, races participated in, time spent in waters ranging 55-65 degrees.

8. Will he/she be wearing a wetsuit?

9. Swim Times:

a. Best times in any distance events they do:
i. 200
ii. 500
iii. 800
iv. 1650
v. Other

8. What is a nautical mile? Approximately 2000 yards.

9. Do swimmers have a maximum period of time to complete the race? Swimmers who have not entered the harbor and passed the Angel Island Ferry within 55 minutes will be pulled from the water.

10. What is the average temperature of the water in October in the San Francisco Bay? The water on average will be about 63-degrees Fahrenheit.