Get ready for RCP Tiburon Mile 2015!

Since 1999 Robert Placak & the team at RCP Events has brought thousands of swimmers to the beautiful town of Tiburon for a world class, one of a kind Open Water Swim, The RCP Tiburon Mile. Collegiate teams and swim enthusiasts worldwide have all enjoyed the 1 nautical mile swim from Angel Island in San Francisco Bay to the shore of downtown Tiburon.

This year we made the difficult decision to forego our annual event in 2014 in order to better serve our Employee Benefit business clients amidst the complexities surrounding the recent implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that RCP Tiburon Mile will be returning as strong as ever on race day tentatively set for September 20th, 2015! We are excited to host this charity event once again and will return with fresh vitality and renewed dedication to our cause, participants, sponsors and incredible volunteers.

In our absence we have learned how appreciated and revered our event is within in our community and are excited to resume our 15 year tradition. We look forward to another excellent collaboration of local and international athletes and supporters as we continue to raise money for Hospice by the Bay and the Special Olympics with $1.4 million donated to date!

We appreciate your patience and understanding during our brief hiatus and look forward to seeing you all in the water in 2015!

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